Sunday, January 15, 2006

cultural diversity japan②

Let's think about children of foreign people in Japan.
(ex Japanese-Brazilian in Toyata, Chinese-in Yokohama).
Of course they go to school, but classes are all conducted by Japanese, so inevitably they might not adjust to the school and get stressed. It is because they feel that their own identity is actually denied. Not to make that "cultural refugees", in some areas, local people are trying to have a meeting for foreigens or language school for children. It bears result, but actually Japanese goverment doesn't give a help. Due to the no-reaction of goverment, I thought Japanese society just employ foreigners and doesn't guarantee their living.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

happy new year!

happy new year!!
I'm sorry that I have not written for a long time.
there will be lots of exams soon. I will have seven exams.
I must be busy this month.

I really enjoyed winter vacation. I was planing to do my homeworks, but did nothing. I went Yokohama on Christmas day, and Tokyo tower on new year's eve.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

my sister

I have a sister. she is in the 3rd year of high school. she got a nomination by herhigh school tihs autum, and finally, she passed!! she will go to Meijigakuin University,and her major is english literature.

cultural diversity in japan ①-foriegn workers-

Since 1990,it had become possible for Nisei and Sansei to settle down in japan. After that, the number of foriegn workers (like Brazilians) who live in a certain area has greatly increased, especially in Toyota(Aichi) and Ohta(Gunma) where are famous for manufacture of many automobiles. In that area, there are often troubles between inhabitants and foreigners because of the differences come from each custom and culture.(ex, foreign people make noise at mitnight. They don't follow the rule of garbage dump. They park anywhere they want to.) Of course, it is partly because of communication between them, and Japanese tend to have a view such like "in Rome do as Romans do." I think Japanese socirty just employ foreigners and doesn't guarantee their living.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Religion, Culture and Conviction

Japanese have usually no relision, but most people all over the world have, and therefore things that japanese people can 't believe sometimes happen. I know some unbeliebable culture or customs. I can usually accept different cultures, as just like "difference", but there is one thing that I couldn't have accepted ever...That is religious conviction. Because of being prohibited to transfuse, one parent refused blood transfusion to thier child who hab heavy disease. I cannot believe that they preceded thier religion than thier child's life.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


for tomorrow's (today?!) homework, i asked my english teacher of high school to answer the question paper.
there was no time to give him by myself, i asked my sister to, but he already went home, so she sent a fax to his home.
My sister told me that she had a lot of bother because of me,so that i should buy a cake for her.
....and worst of all, a fax wasn't sent well,so some questions and answers are missing!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


I'm sorry that i have not written for a long time...
last week, i had part time job every day, so i was exhausted. this is not an excuse..

2 weeks ago, i had a debate about melting pot and mosaic in the class. i was on melting pot side. the other side group didn't prerare, so maybe we won!! Mr. Ree supported them and gave us difficult questions. it was....
1,how to assimilate without violence?
2,how to create harmony in the mosaic society?
it is sure that assimilation is difficult in this age, because assimilation should not made by human forcelly but occur naturally, i think. assimilation society that we have in the world was once made by human forcelly, and now it works well. so at fiest step, there must have been lots of violence, but now it ia just foegotten. then, to assimilate, the violence will be inevitable. anyway, assimilation with violence should not be accepted, because now, curtural diversity as a human right is protected and cannot be ignored.
to crate harmony in the mosaic society, each group must have a spirit of give and take. in one case, a group should compromise, and in other case, the others should compromise like EU decision-making system. that is fair.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

part time job

I got a new part time job recently, so now i have two part time jobs. the new one is a cake shop which actually sells side dishes, cakes, tarts, and cookies. I had been to kamata to do training. i sold foods for the first time, so i had been so nervous. i have to memorize all the prices. there must be one good thing! i can eat cakes when i finish my work. i'll be fat....
anyway i will make more money!!

melting pot and cultural mosaic

I'll describe the comment about "melting pot" and "curtural mosaic" I think both have an advantage and disadvantage.

Melting pot
the article says that the melting pot is also known as assimilation. that means almost all people have the same idea or the way of thinking. it will generate a true peace, because no one ( few people) who insist the different opinion will be. that's an advantage. On the other hand, there may be a strong hostility for the minority to the majority rule.

Curtural mosaic
In this case, there will be lots of opinions from different kinds of groups, then it will activate its government. on the other hand, people may just insist on thier opinion and not consider the others. there will be no agreed opinion.

concluding these, the melting pot is easy to generate the peace, but to do so, we have to assimilate all the different things. it is no problem for the countries which have been assimilated and there have been no troubles. but in modern age, we have to respect individual opinion. that's the same value of all over the world. it means that we have to admit each opinion, not by only the majority rule. then, the melting pot is not suitable to this age.